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How Accountable Data Will Fuel DSP Demand

Digital media decision making is constantly evolving, and with demand-side platforms, digital agencies have set up lightning-fast environments for buying and selling a variety of online ad impressions, similar to the computerized stock trading desks used by quantitative traders. DSPs are remaking the media landscape and increasingly blurring the boundaries…

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Cookie Synching

Editor's note: This article was originally posted on the Krux Digital Blog.Overview Cookies are the primary mechanism by which publishers, advertisers, ad networks, ad exchanges, demand side platforms and data exchanges store and track information about users. Cookies are domain specific — in other words, a Cookie set by domain…

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Back from the AdMeld Partner Forum

I had the pleasure of attending the AdMeld Partner Forum today at the Time Warner Center. It was an Advertising.com reunion with current and past employee galore. Alums have scattered to the wind and they represented probably a dozen companies.Twitter was hot with some great nuggets from the panels.Kicking it…

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