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#OPSPOV: So Ad Blockers Are Selling Ads Now?

You don't have to be following the DMEXCO conference in Cologne, Germany, to have heard the biggest story/scandal. EyeO GmbH – the parent company of everyone's favorite ad blocker, AdBlock Plus (ABP) – decided the event was a prime time to announce the launch of its new exchange for replacing…

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#OPSPOV: Who Will Block the Blockers?

In “15 Million Merits” – my favorite episode from the contemporary “Twilight Zone”-esque anthology, “Black Mirror” – our dystopian future protagonist lies in his cubicle-like bedroom with no walls, but a giant video screen that also serves as a wall. After a long day of riding a stationary bike at…

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#OPSPOV: Mobile Web Summons the Ad-Block-alypse

An attendee asked why I didn’t throw ad blocking in my recent top themes of the Charleston Publisher Forum. Truth be told, I thought ad blocking needed a dedicated #OPSPOV, especially considering the fallout from Apple’s launch of iOS9 today. As all the Apple fanboys rub their palms together in…

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