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Building an Ad Server to Serve Your Application

Last Thursday my talk on Bootstrapping Your AdServer provoked hems and haws at the AdMonsters Network Forum (Dec 9th, 2010) in New York City. My intention was to provide a bit of insight to the challenges that publishers encounter on a regular basis; especially those in the midst of a…

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The Impression Exchange Solution: Idealism Versus Pragmatism

What is the IES? It seems to continue to make more regular appearances at the industry's events, but few people seem to fully understand what it is, and how it will impact their operations. The IES stands for "Impression Exchange Solution" (or sometimes "Standard"), though I would argue as a…

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Ad Servers: Wanted Dead or Alive

Yes, you can expect more Bon Jovi references as we prepare for our 22nd Publisher Forum in New Jersey on March 7th. Certain to be discussed at the forum are two announcements that have been made in the past few days. The Rubicon Project struck first, declaring that the ad…

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