SHE Media & Colossus SSP Join Forces to Elevate Diverse Voices

Through their strategic partnership, which began last month, SHE Media and Colossus SSP hope to fuel the growth of women-owned and diverse-owned properties. 

Last month, SHE Media and Colossus SSP announced a partnership that would further both companies’ commitments to serving women and other diverse audiences. According to ComScore Media Metrix, SHE Media reaches over 74 million users per month. The partnership with Colossus SSP will allow Colossus SSP’s advertisers access to this audience and further the company’s mission to champion underserved voices. 

It has been one month since the partnership began and, while it may be too soon to capture exact metrics, things are going well. Both SHE Media and Colossus SSP hope the partnership will continue growing and thriving. 

Our partnership with Colossus SSP is still in its early stages, but off to a positive start. Notably, Colossus SSP CPMs are within the top 25 percent of our prebid server partners,” Kate Calabrese, SVP, Media Solutions, SHE Media shares. 

Lashawnda Goffin, CEO, Colossus SSP agrees the partnership has been going well and will continue to boost the value of both companies. “This is an important partnership that will allow us to connect advertisers with a large-scale and engaged audience of women – a powerful demographic that is responsible for 85 percent of the day-to-day spending decisions. SHE Media’s focus on content that is relevant to women’s lives, as well as its commitment to diversity and inclusion with their Meaningful Marketplaces program makes them a perfect partner for Colossus SSP,” she notes. 

Goffin adds that the entire Colossus SSP team is working diligently to ramp up the partnership, saying, “The Colossus SSP team has been very thorough, ensuring all of their supply is set up correctly to maximize the relationship and set them up for success.”

Serving Underrepresented Demographics

SHE Media has long been a champion of content that empowers women. “SHE Media’s flagship brands and network of premium sites produce award-winning, inclusive content that gives our audience the information and encouragement she needs to live life on her own terms – across parenting, health, food, style, career, and entertainment,” says Calabrese. 

SHE Media Collective also provides technology, education, and monetization opportunities to help independent publishers and content creators grow their business, notes Calabrese. The company’s partnership with Colossus SSP will help increase access and funding for this content. 

Calabrese says that SHE Media has always found value in championing diverse voices. “SHE Media has a longstanding commitment to the advancement of equity and inclusion through media. Independent publishers and creators provide diverse and unique content that reaches niche audiences. Funding independent publishers ensures diverse voices and perspectives are heard,” she shares. 

What the Future Holds

No one can predict exactly what is on the horizon, but the future looks bright for this partnership between SHE Media and Colossus SSP. It has become imperative for companies to uplift diverse stories, particularly because women make up such a large part of the population and an even larger share of the purchasing decision pie. 

With that in mind, what should we expect from SHE Media in the future? Calabrese says the company’s commitment to empowering women and supporting credible journalism will remain top of mind. This includes giving women the information they need to make important health decisions. 

“Anchored by SHE Media flagship brand Flow Space, The Flow Collective is a first-of-its kind curation of highly credible and trusted publishers and creators in the health and wellness vertical. Through this dedicated marketplace, we bring together editorial leadership, a vast audience, and highly engaged community of experts, entrepreneurs, and advocates to reshape the conversations and change the culture of women’s health,” states Calabrese.