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Yahoo ConnectID’s New Integration Boosts Publisher Profits Without Cookies

This seamless integration allows publishers who have adopted LiveRamp’s ATS to unlock additional demand from Yahoo DSP, substantially improving the monetization of their addressable supply. "Demand-side interoperability has been a key feature, and now, with our expanded partnership, publishers can achieve greater scale and better monetization through Yahoo ConnectID," explains…

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Live Streaming Takes Brand Advertising Full Circle

In this op-ed by Dave Dembowski, SVP of Global Sales at Operative, discover how live sports streaming revolutionizes brand advertising, blending traditional broadcast strategies with digital innovation. Explore the complex dynamics, major players, and future sports broadcasting landscape in the streaming era.

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Are We Overcomplicating Floor Pricing Optimization?

Discover how behavioral economics offers a simpler, more effective approach to floor pricing optimization. Kean Wang, VP of Product and Strategy at Intowow, reveals best practices for balancing Header Bidding and Google Ad Manager to maximize publisher revenue.

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Yahoo DSP Does it Again: Hits the Bullseye With Yahoo Creative

As an omni-channel DSP with unique first-party identity solutions, Yahoo saw an opportunity to create a unique offering in the marketplace and did just that. The strategy behind Yahoo Creative was shaped by feedback from clients, who stressed the need for creative tools backed by trusted identity solutions. 

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