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Ad Tech’s Journey to a Sustainable Programmatic Supply Chain

Environmental sustainability has become a global priority amongst many industries. With research on how our carbon footprint has affected the environment, everyone has begun to reassess how they can make their workflow more sustainable. A recent study by Sharethrough provides a substantial explanation of how the ad tech industry can…

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What Is PPID and How Does It Benefit Publishers?

PPIDs are a unique identifier assigned by a publisher to a user. Publishers will share PPIDs with Google’s programmatic demand and this process will help them customize their ads and targeting. On the other hand, ESPs allow publishers to share encrypted first-party signals with buy-side platforms of their choosing. What are the…

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AdMonsters September 9, 2022   Misinformation Kills Brand Favorability, Consumers Are Not Here for it The findings of a recent IAS report,  Advertising in the Age of Misinformation, have some serious warnings for the entire ad tech ecosystem as 62% of consumers believe that advertisers, agencies, and publishers are equally…

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AdMonsters September 1, 2022   In an Ever-Changing Advertising Ecosystem, Collaboration Is Key to Staying Afloat With an eye toward developing a well-rounded revenue strategy, publishers are seriously thinking about how content and technology provide them with the necessary building blocks to provide a great user experience that will also…

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Could the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) Save Local News?; IAB Tech Lab’s Ads.txt Update Is Live; Looming Recession Equals Reduced Ad Spend

August 30, 2022 JCPA Could Bring Power Back to Pubs Looming Recession Reduces Ad Spend IAB Tech Lab's Ads.txt Updates Are Live Around the Water Cooler JCPA Might Bring Power Back to Publishers and Support the Battle for Privacy A group of bipartisan House and Senate lawmakers has taken a…

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AdMonsters August 26, 2022   Publisher Forum Keynote: 9 Illuminating Ideas to Keep Pubs Innovating From Ascential's Sharon Harris It was the second day of Publisher Forum Montreal 2022 when AdMonsters Publisher Forum Keynote, Sharon Harris, CMO, Ascential Digital Commerce, brought the crowd to life with her charismatic presentation and…

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