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Balancing Act: Unwind Media’s Journey to Sustainability

Unwind Media is pioneering strategies that not only lessen the publisher's environmental impact but also enhance their bottom line. In this exclusive Q&A, Downinghall shares insights into the innovative approaches that have enabled Unwind Media to balance economic performance with ecological responsibility, providing valuable lessons for the industry.

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How the Advertising Sector Can Tackle the Climate Emergency

Discover how John Osborn, Director of Ad Net Zero USA, aims to align the advertising industry with sustainability practices. This AdMonsters Q&A explores his dual passion for advertising and environmental responsibility, emphasizing actionable steps towards achieving net zero emissions in ad tech.

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Scope3 and Sharethrough Partner to Combat Problematic Placements

Scope3 and Sharethrough have responded to the challenge by developing GMP+, a groundbreaking solution integrating placement-level data into Sharethrough's platform. This innovative approach allows buyers to purchase green media products at the placement level. In addition to features like MFA blocking and high carbon website blocking, GMP+ also enables blocking…

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AdMonsters April 4, 2024   Ad Spending Will Jump More Than Anticipated in 2024 According to several US forecasts, 2024 promises to be a banner year for advertising. Last December, IPG Mediabrands predicted that ad spend would grow 8.4% this year, but last week, its research arm, Magna, raised its…

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🌯 CMA and Pubs Uneasy About Privacy Sandbox

April 1, 2024 CMA and Publishers Still Worried About the Privacy Sandbox Forbes SSP Integration Testing New EU Election Guidelines for Social Media Strict AI Advertising Contract Guidelines Garner Mixed Reactions Despite Assurances, CMA and Publishers Are Uneasy About Privacy Sandbox The unease around Privacy Sandbox continues to grow, despite…

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AdMonsters March 28, 2024   AdMonsters Ops Reveal: James Rosewell on Disrupting Digital Monopolies and the Future of Online Privacy In our quest for the perfect keynote speakers for AdMonsters Ops, we wanted industry leaders who were not afraid to expose what's going on behind the curtains, and James Rosewell…

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