December 29, 2023
Big Tech, Walled Gardens, and Regulatory Battles in 2024
In the next few years, Google, Meta, and Amazon will continue attracting the lion’s share of ad spend, accounting for 83% of global digital advertising revenue. Regulators across the globe are trying to stop their dominance, but Big Tech shows no sign of going down without a fight. While 2023 was a year for antitrust suits filed, and in some cases lost, 2024 will be when key decisions are made and appealed. Sweeping regulations in the EU may also be felt. Read more.
The Inclusion List: Best of DEI 2023
Here at AdMonsters, we are working towards recognizing DEI by highlighting the diverse voices in digital media and ad tech. We learned about the importance of cultural diversity and how people from all walks of life impact the ad tech industry through their tenacity and innovation. Here is AdMonsters Best of DEI aka “The Inclusion List.” Read more.
Are you Ready for Publisher Forum Austin? 
Publisher Forum is the conference to build your professional community, exchange ideas to help grow your business, and supercharge your career trajectory. Connect with your peers to advance the digital media industry. Delve into the latest topics focused on maximizing revenue. Experience a unique event with an agenda you help set. Interact with technology service providers and see their solutions in action. Take away actionable insights for your company, your department, and yourself. Register now!
Top Stories
In 2023, the ad tech industry was preparing for many significant shifts — Chrome cookie deprecation, the generative AI takeover, and supply chain complexity — but we had leaders guiding the industry and learning from one another. Here is the list of the AdMonsters keynotes that shaped the key perspectives for 2023. Read more.
At a time when more competition exists amongst streaming media services, Disney Advertising landed on a strategy to accelerate access to Disney+ AVOD inventory when the publisher launched its Disney Campaign Manager. In 2023, over 4,500 advertisers and 1,000 agencies transacted on Disney Campaign Manager, with many of those brands being first-time streaming advertisers. Read more.
This year, our Decoder series covered the gamut —- iOS 17 privacy updates, state privacy laws, header bidding strategies, dynamic flooring, supply path transparency, and optimization, plus more. If you missed these ad tech explainers or want a chance to revisit them, here are the top AdMonsters' Decoders from 2023. Read more.
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