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Retail Media Networks Are Poised to Dominate the Cookieless Landscape

Retail media networks were already becoming a powerful force, but Google finally following through on its cookie depreciation plan has made them even more desirable for advertisers. The ongoing cookie depreciation has broken a key connecting force in digital advertising. Many publishers and advertisers do not have enough first-party data…

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🌯 Google Users Appeal Real Time Bidding Ruling; Roblox Launches New Ad Formats; Pubs Over Brand Safety

Google account holders are seeking a federal appellate court's decision on their ability to pursue class-action privacy claims tied to the company's real-time bidding system. Recently, a U.S. District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruling in California prevented users from collectively seeking monetary damages, citing the need for individual assessments…

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GumGum Lowers Bidsteam Carbon Emissions by 38%

GumGum, a contextual advertising company, announced some good news for the planet. Thanks to its traffic-shaping partnership with Assertive Yield, the company has lowered its bidstream carbon emissions by 38% — avoiding an average of seven tons of CO2 emissions daily. We spoke with Kara Petrocelli explains how traffic shaping…

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