March 28, 2024
AdMonsters Ops Reveal: James Rosewell on Disrupting Digital Monopolies and the Future of Online Privacy
In our quest for the perfect keynote speakers for AdMonsters Ops, we wanted industry leaders who were not afraid to expose what's going on behind the curtains, and James Rosewell does just that. So, who is James Rosewell? He's the guy who caught the attention of the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in January 2020 with his razor-sharp insights on digital markets. Read more.
A Pubmatic Server Anomaly, $1 Billion CPMs, and a Complicated Programmatic Ecosystem
A group of publishers logged onto their ad account, seemingly attaining millions of ad dollars in minutes. After some ad experts investigated the programmatic ad auction, they found that some advertisers were bidding at rates as high as $1 billion. The error was a brief server anomaly at Pubmatic. Read more.
AdMonsters Ops March Madness Discount 
March Madness is here, and AdMonsters Ops, our exclusive event tailored for digital advertising players, is just around the corner. Secure your seat for an unparalleled learning experience, only available at AdMonsters Ops on June 3-4 in New York City. Don't wait for the buzzer-beater; grab your spot now for the chance to save big, network with industry champions, and delve into the most profound insights of ad tech. Take $100 OFF your AdMonsters Ops ticket until the April 6, 2024 with discount code: MADMARCH. Register now!
Top Stories
In the high-stakes world of ad tech, strategic mergers and acquisitions can redefine the ecosystem. One such transformative move is Aditude's recent acquisition of CPMStar, a key player in the gaming advertising space.  Read more.
Our industry believes the fact that generative AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data and generate ad content personalized to individual users is a good thing. But how do consumers feel about all of these AI-powered experiences? Read more.
The IAB releases its State of Data Report every year to understand how the industry is tackling data evolution. This year's study reveals that the digital advertising industry has acknowledged the lasting impact of data privacy changes and signal loss, but these have magnified measurement and addressability issues.  Read more.
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