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Understanding AI’s Potential in Digital Media Jul 11, 2017
AdMonsters Playbook: Header Bidding Jun 14, 2017
Feed Your Header: Talking Data for Header Optimization With Roxot and Shareably Jun 5, 2017
Through a Scanner Frequently: When Malvertisers Evade the Scanners May 31, 2017
Raising the Gate on Revenue Management: A Talk With FatTail on Going Beyond Order Management May 30, 2017
AdMonsters Playbook: User Experience May 16, 2017
Transparency Is a Team Sport Apr 18, 2017
GDPR Hiding Around the Corner: Answers and More Questions About the Far-Reaching E.U. Data Policy Mar 30, 2017
Built for Speed: A Conversation With OAO About Mobile Web Optimization Mar 21, 2017
The Unwalled Garden: LiveIntent on Scaling the Identity-Based Market Mar 13, 2017
A Degree in B2B: A Conversation With FatTail About How B2Bs Monetize Feb 28, 2017
The Long Game for Monetization: NetSeer Talks About How Engagement Informs Ad Serving Feb 23, 2017
Night of the Living Dead Traffic: VertaMedia on Programmatic Video and Fraud Feb 14, 2017
The Legal Connection: How Ops Avoids Regulatory Pitfalls Feb 9, 2017
Big Data Revisited: OpenX on Tools for Driving Insight and Revenue Jan 25, 2017
A Few Good Units: Mobile Challenges Going Into 2017 Jan 23, 2017
New Vision For the Header: A Conversation With PulsePoint Jan 17, 2017
TAG,​ ​You’re​ ​It:​ ​Beyond​ ​TAG​ ​Malware​ ​Scanning​ ​Guidelines Dec 12, 2016
How the Wrapper Won the Header: A Conversation With Index Exchange Dec 7, 2016
Keepin' It Fresh: WideOrbit Explains What Digital Can Learn From Linear Nov 29, 2016
The TV Connection: Discussing OTT Opportunities With VertaMedia Nov 28, 2016
More With Less: NetSeer on Mobile In-Image Advertising Nov 11, 2016
The Dawn of Real-Time Guaranteed: An Interview With OpenX's Dmitri Kazanski Nov 10, 2016
Native SSPs Gain Steam: How Native Is Steering Into Programmatic Channels Nov 10, 2016
The True Programmatic Setup: A Talk With Smart AdServer and Genesis Media Nov 8, 2016
Take It to the People: LiveIntent's Jason Kelly on Identity-Based Marketing Nov 2, 2016
Getting Your House in Order: WideOrbit Talks About Order Management as Linear and Digital Converge Oct 27, 2016
Content Heads Off-Site: Leveraging Audience Extension for Publisher Marketing Efforts Oct 17, 2016
Header Tags Enter the Video Arena: An Interview With Index Exchange Oct 6, 2016
Innovation in the Inbox: Programmatic Advertising in Email and the Rise of Identity Marketing Sep 20, 2016
Flexing Your Programmatic Video Muscles Aug 29, 2016
Rethinking the Ad Server Aug 23, 2016
Let the Right Ones In: Evaluating Header Partners Aug 22, 2016
Bidding Without a Header: OpenX Explains Their Take on In-App Bidding Aug 18, 2016
Native in the Walled Garden: Native PMPs Take Root for CafeMedia Aug 17, 2016
Looking Past Pre-Roll: NetSeer’s Bakhshaie on Overlays and In-Video Monetization Aug 15, 2016
Leash the Beast: Automating Programmatic Reporting Jul 12, 2016
The Hot Tip on Programmatic: A Trend Report With Index Exchange’s Lizzie Komar Jun 21, 2016
Programmatic Is Made of People: Sonobi's Michael Connolly Explains Digital's People-Based Evolution Jun 8, 2016
Gotta Stay on the Page: Index’s Alex Gardner Opens Up on Header and Server-to-Server Integrations Jun 2, 2016
Hugging the Publisher Yield Curve: A Conversation With Lorne Brown of Operative Jun 1, 2016
The Server-to-Server Way: Going Beyond Header Bidding With Sonobi's Tony Katsur May 12, 2016
Familiar Show, New Stage: A Conversation About Mobile App Monetization with Playbill's Rachel Glickman Apr 20, 2016
Demystifying Mobile Video: Creative, Reporting, Standards and More Mar 28, 2016
Programmatic Video in Bloom: Talking VPAID, VAST 4.0 and More With VertaMedia’s Alex Volker Mar 1, 2016
AdMonsters Playbook: Cross-Platform Video Feb 28, 2016
Quality Climbs Up the Chain: A Conversation on Security and QA with The Media Trust’s Chris Olson Feb 23, 2016
Picture This: A Conversation About Today's In-Image Advertising Strategies Feb 22, 2016
AdMonsters Playbook: Mobile App Advertising Feb 16, 2016
The New Image of In-Image Ads Jan 28, 2016
To Protect and Serve: A Conversation on Malware, Video, & HTML5 with GeoEdge’s Amnon Siev Jan 12, 2016
One Order to Rule Them All: Inside Gannett’s Massive Workflow Centralization Mission Jan 6, 2016
The Year in Outsourcing: A Conversation With OAO's Craig Leshen Dec 16, 2015
QA in the Videoscape: Keeping Quality in Line with Demand Dec 15, 2015
Meeting Header Tags Head On: What's Working and What's Next Dec 7, 2015
Splashing Around in Outstream: New Video Opportunities for Publishers Dec 3, 2015
Popular Demand: How Yield Management Can Attract New Buyers, Higher CPMs Nov 19, 2015
State of Ad Ops 2015 Nov 16, 2015
AdMonsters Playbook: Cross-Channel Data Nov 10, 2015
AdMonsters Playbook: The Ultimate Digital Video Guide Nov 9, 2015
Tearing Off the Flash Band-Aid: Publishers and the HTML5 Creative Opportunity Nov 6, 2015
Reaching Inward to Reach Outward: DMP Success Through Teamwork Nov 5, 2015
AdMonsters Playbook: Understanding Attention Metrics Nov 4, 2015
First-Party Data Playbook Oct 20, 2015
Broadcasting in a Programmatic World Oct 14, 2015
Where User Experience and Ad Ops Collide Sep 21, 2015
Breaking Out of the Two-Class System: Talking Holistic Yield Management With LiveRail's Vijay Balan Aug 25, 2015
Video Private Marketplaces Playbook Aug 18, 2015
Efficiency Within Complexity: A Conversation With Quantcast's Adrian D'Souza Aug 13, 2015
Location Is Everything: Talking Mobile Programmatic With Avazu’s Yi Shi Jul 6, 2015
The Rules of Mobile Advertising: Interview With Opera Mediaworks’ Mark Fruehan May 20, 2015
Convergence Coming: The Long Road to Streamlining Linear and Digital Ops Apr 20, 2015
Fight the Fragmentation: Grasping Cross-Device Audience Behavior Apr 6, 2015
Forging Forward: Unlocking PMP Potential Mar 30, 2015
AdMonsters Playbook: Incorporating Programmatic Video Mar 20, 2015
Workflow Overhaul: Break It Down, Rebuild It Better Feb 19, 2015
Download the 2014 Salary Survey Feb 10, 2015
The In Crowd: Leveraging Data and Tools to Meet Video Audience Guarantees Feb 3, 2015
The History of Ops, Part I Oct 20, 2014
The Changing Face of CPA: Interview With Epom’s Andrew Lebowski Oct 8, 2014
Tools For Tomorrow: A Conversation With Neil Sweeney, President & CEO of Juice Mobile Aug 27, 2014
How Viable Is Video Viewability? Jul 28, 2014
The Ad Ops Investment: An Interview With OAO's Craig Leshen and Michael Alania Jun 5, 2014
Publisher Viewability Litmus Test May 26, 2014
AdMonsters Playbook: Putting Audience Extension Into Action Mar 3, 2014
How Video Becomes the Champion of Mobile Revenue Feb 26, 2014
The Maturation of Programmatic Direct Jan 29, 2014
Explore the 2013 AdMonsters Salary Survey Dec 12, 2013
VPAID Errors and Other Pitfalls of Programmatic Video Dec 10, 2013
AdMonsters Publisher Maturity Index: The Initial Findings Dec 6, 2013
Take the 2013 Publisher Maturity Index Survey Dec 4, 2013
The AdMonsters Private Exchange Playbook Aug 20, 2013
The AdMonsters' Publisher DMP Evaluation Playbook Mar 18, 2013
Reach for the Sky: The Audience Extension Playbook Mar 5, 2013
AdMonsters Exclusive: Videoplaza Report Findings on IP-Delivered Video Jul 11, 2012
Keynote: Tom Bowman, BBC For Members Only

One no longer sells advertising on a website: those days are over. As more people use whatever device is in their hands at that moment to interact online, the focus must shift to buying and selling audience no matter how you reach them. Despite how quickly we innovate as an industry, users are already onto the next great device or web phenomenon. Citing a slew of data from 2012 London Olympics multi-screen efforts, Tom Bowman, VP Strategy & Operations Global Ad Sales for BBC Worldwide examines how to keep pace with this disruptive rate of change – and prepare for even faster shifts.

Jan 4, 2013
Wrap-Panel: Transcending Screens For Members Only

After a day of discussing advertising in the multi-screen world, this panel of experts from BSkyB, DoubleClick EMEA and Starcom MediaVest discuss why the focus on the screens and the technology may be missing the point. While digital operations experts obviously need to know about the technology to execute advertising campaigns, advertisers, agencies and brands need strategies that looks beyond the screen to the consumer.

Dec 18, 2012
Adobe: Beyond the Desktop For Members Only Dec 17, 2012
Keynote: Rick Webb, Tumblr For Members Only Dec 17, 2012
Wrap-Up Panel: A Fireside Chat on Digital Advertising's Future For Members Only Dec 17, 2012
Keynote: Funny or Die For Members Only Dec 17, 2012
Claire Valoti, O2 – Augmented Reality Gets Real For Members Only Nov 21, 2012
Chris Bruss & Ed Wise, Funny or Die – Branded Content Is a Laughing Matter For Members Only Oct 8, 2012
Three Trends That Change Everything – Outbrain For Members Only Oct 8, 2012
Matt LeMay, bitly – Data as Currency For Members Only Oct 8, 2012
Video: Jack Myers, Media Advisory Group – OPS TV 2012 For Members Only Aug 27, 2012
AdMonsters Ad Ops Salary Survey 2012 For Members Only Aug 22, 2012
Video: Evan Strauss, Shazam – OPS TV 2012 For Members Only Aug 21, 2012
Video: Fru Hazlitt, ITV - OPS London 2012 For Members Only Jul 26, 2012
Video: Jonny Shaw, Naked Play - OPS London 2012 For Members Only Jul 26, 2012
Video: Richard Wheaton, Neo@Ogilvy OPS London 2012 For Members Only Jul 26, 2012
Jack Myers, Media Advisory Group – The Future Economics of TV and Video For Members Only Jul 11, 2012
OPS Mobile NY 2012 – Keynote: Stephen Baer, The Game Agency For Members Only Jun 12, 2012
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