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What if ad blockers are actually good for digital media and advertising?

Does it sound so weird, especially considering that people from all digital media walks believe viewability makes the space better? It ensures ads are actually seen and will eventually take revenue away from bad actors as it seeps through the programmatic channels.

But ad blockers? Our sworn enemy? Gavin, you been hitting the tech cocktail circuit a bit too hard lately?

Maybe, but listen: I don’t use ad blockers because I believe in the unspoken handshake – the moral agreement that I trade my data and attention for website content. Yes, if you use ad blockers while on an ad-supported site, you’re effectively stealing content – you’re denying the publisher the ability to monetize your visit. 

In an article on the ethics of ad...

Header bidding (also referred to as tagless bidding) might seem as mysterious as it is exciting. Sure, it’s driving mad revenue for all your publisher friends, but what are these whispers about editing source code, latency and bizarre implementations never seen before in digital advertising? Oh dear, oh my!

Not to fear – Qasim Saifee, OpenX SVP of Monetization Platform, is here to hold your hand through a comprehensive exploration of header bidding and how it enables publisher demand partners to evaluate inventory before the impression even hits the ad server and dynamically enter competitive bids. In addition to walking through the tech basics, Saifee expounds on the benefits for publishers, implementation challenges, where private marketplaces fit and how header bidding is paving a bold future for programmatic transactions.

G: So, is there a layman’s explanation for how header bidding works?

Q: The term can be daunting. Think about it this way: Traditionally, a...

The latest wave of advertising is giving me some chilling flashbacks to the age of endless animated MySpace banners, pop-unders and other horrors of the aughts. Instead of learning from that assault of awfulness, digital advertising has somehow grown more intrusive and annoying – in-feed units, auto-play video (with sound?!?!), auto-expanding banners, oh my. 

With an ever-increasing amount of Internet users consuming more digital content than ever on a plethora of devices, ire towards advertising is greater than ever. Not only are users irritated by the advertising, they’re worried that page bloat is affecting their mobile data usage and more concerned than ever about malware. Their response has been severe: an Adobe/...

For a while the term programmatic TV has been getting a lot of lip service in industry trades and conferences, but it’s also caused a great deal of head scratching. Turns out, programmatic TV is one of those vague catch-alls the industry loves (remember programmatic premium?) that covers several sorta-related channels.

Programmatic TV is still not completely defined and the channels laid out below are changing at a clip. Many of these are still in early stages when it comes to advertising, but opportunities for both the open marketplace and private marketplaces are quickly appearing.

Addressable linear television. Many multi-service operators now offer set-top boxes that can dynamically insert advertising into live linear television because the content is being delivered digitally. From what MSO and broadcaster ops people tell us, home-built or provider solutions are rickety at best, and often...

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