AdMonsters Playbook: The Ultimate Digital Video Guide

By Gavin Dunaway November 09, 2015

When it comes to media, video is a near universal medium. It’s the foundation of television, the hottest thing on desktop web and an emerging star on smartphones and tablets. And video is video is video on whatever screen it may appear on – for the most part, viewers don’t discriminate, so why should the digital advertising industry? Advertisers love video because it possesses the storytelling qualities of television (sight, sound and motion, baby!) while publishers are enamored with video’s ability to drive engagement and time spent on site (and revenue too, while we’re at it).

About the only place you can’t find video is in print publications… And that’s just for the moment.

All-screen, brand-performance technology that programmatically delivers on brand goals.

Digital video monetization is top of mind for both advertisers and publishers, having risen to a level of prominence close to (if not higher than) display. The ease with which viewers can access digital video, on demand and on any device, throughout any point of their day-to-day lives, has fundamentally changed the media-consuming experience, including the advertising component. For younger viewers, digital formats are a given, and linear television by and large is no longer the go-to format for consuming video. Older viewers are supplementing their tried and true TV-viewing habits with an increasing amount of video on their growing number of devices.

In turn, this has led to a sea change in the way video advertising is bought and sold. Advertisers, keenly aware of being where their audience’s eyeballs are, have been pouring more and more dollars into their digital efforts. In many cases, this new spending coming into digital would have been TV spending just five or 10 years ago. This is all very promising for digital publishers and video content providers, who are keen to benefit from the lucrative video marketplace.

However, monetizing digital video in a way that advertisers can see the value of their investments is not simply a matter of just standing around and picking up IOs. Publishers are often flummoxed by what transaction channels will drive the most revenue, and brands have questions about how to reach their audiences in brand-safe digital environments.

AdMonsters’ Ultimate Digital Video Guide, brought to you in partnership with Tremor Video, offers a comprehensive guide for publishers on the contemporary digital video marketplace by illuminating the terminology around the space and explaining the various transaction channels including direct, networks, programmatic and outstream. In addition, we’ll dive into digital video measurement (GRP-based metrics) and viewability. In effect, we hope to impart a solid foundation for which to build your digital video advertising acumen.

AdMonsters’ Ultimate Digital Video Guide