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AdMonsters April 11, 2024   Cookies Crumbled: An Expert Roadmap for Thriving in Marketing’s New Era With no one-size-fits-all solution, marketers need a strategic approach. Despite all the doom-and-gloom news out there, cookieless marketing will be better, and there are practical strategies advertisers can implement now to prepare for third-party…

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Shifting Screens: AMC’s Streaming Struggles and Ad Tech Evolution

Streaming’s rise is drastically changing TV consumption, and cable companies are pivoting to join the revolution. Like many other cable programmers, AMC Networks faces cord-cutting obstacles, declining linear viewership, and reduced ad revenue as brands shift to streaming platforms. In response, AMC developed a streaming distribution system to complement cable…

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Can Targeting Truly Be ID-Free? Q&A with Anthony Flaccavento, General Manager Americas, Ogury

The ad tech industry must break free of third-party cookies to comply with newly enacted privacy laws. Several strategies are emerging, many of which prioritize users’ first-party data in exchange for something they find valuable, like access to exclusive content. Many are turning to contextual advertising and ID-based solutions to…

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Beyond the Bus Stop: Decoding the Future of DOOH Ads

The digital out-of-home space is starting to hit its stride, and publishers and advertisers are beginning to understand its true benefits for attention, measurement, and much more.  After a long career working with the largest media holding companies, Brian Rappaport launched his own business focusing on out-of-home (OHH) and digital…

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AdMonsters April 4, 2024   Ad Spending Will Jump More Than Anticipated in 2024 According to several US forecasts, 2024 promises to be a banner year for advertising. Last December, IPG Mediabrands predicted that ad spend would grow 8.4% this year, but last week, its research arm, Magna, raised its…

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🌯 CMA and Pubs Uneasy About Privacy Sandbox

April 1, 2024 CMA and Publishers Still Worried About the Privacy Sandbox Forbes SSP Integration Testing New EU Election Guidelines for Social Media Strict AI Advertising Contract Guidelines Garner Mixed Reactions Despite Assurances, CMA and Publishers Are Uneasy About Privacy Sandbox The unease around Privacy Sandbox continues to grow, despite…

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