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A Trail Guide’s Approach to Brand Safety

Fall is the time of year when brands invest in targeting students and families online. For one, advertisers have started to analyze the effectiveness of their back-to-school campaigns, especially when online shopping activity is on the upswing. In addition, smart ...

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AI Lights the Way for Brand Safety

I recently noted the cyclical nature of ad tech issues, and nowhere has that been more apparent than in brand safety's reappearance in the forefront of advertisers' and publishers' concerns. As technology and content have evolved, we need to reconsider ...

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Q & A with AdSafe President and Co-Founder, Kent Wakeford

 AdSafe launched an ad verification platform for ad networks and publishers called the AdSafe Network Monitor®. Read the press release. We asked Kent Wakeford of AdSafe a few questions about the new product.To date “Ad-Verification” services have primarily been ...

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Highlights from Huntington Beach

AdMonsters’ 44th Publisher Forum wrapped, but I’m still here in Huntington Beach, CA, decompressing a bit and quietly assembling the event summary attendees can share with their teams when they’re back in the office. There’s a lot ...

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Turn Media Platform Upgrades Announced

Included in the latest round of updates for the multi-purpose media platform are the industry’s first real-time brand safety controls, new contextual data from best-of-breed vendors and brand new shiny video advertising optimisation features. The new contextual targeting capabilities ...

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