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Simply put, ZPD is information that consumers intentionally volunteer about themselves in exchange for a more personalized experience with the media companies and brands they trust. It's the purest source of truth about their relevant characteristics, behaviors, and preferences because it’s sourced directly from them.

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Best Practices For Monetizing CTV Ad Pods

Consumers are shifting to connected TV (CTV) in droves and CTV ad spend is skyrocketing in tandem. According to eMarketer, spending is set to reach $34.49 billion by 2025. But that doesn’t mean it’s been all smooth sailing for pubs. We spoke with Peter Ackerman, Director of Product Marketing at…

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Are Ad Tech Players Causing Major Woes?

  Powered by: March 30, 2022 Are Ad Tech Players Causing Pubs Headaches? TLDR: Get Started on Your Identity Resolution Strategy Nielsen Lives to See Another Upfront Affiliate Marketing Has Some Answers for Publishers Are Ad Tech Players Causing Major Woes? Middlemen aren't always helpful and can actually cause more…

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Are You Prepared to Thrive in a Cookieless World?

When Google postponed killing off third-party cookies, it gave advertisers and publishers some breathing room. But that doesn’t mean that the advertising ecosystem is now completely challenge-free. Top of mind for the entire advertising ecosystem: data, privacy, and trust. These areas will have major implications as the ad tech industry seeks…

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