Infographic: RTB Weighs on Pubs’ Minds

Our friends over at LiveRamp have put together this insightful infographic charting recent developments in revenue strategies for publishers – you guessed it, a lot of the data circulates around RTB. Currently 44% of publishers surveyed are using RTB, which is estimated to handle around $6.5 billion in ad spend gloabally by 2015. Fifty-eight percent of pubs that work with supply-side platforms use them chiefly as an access point to RTB, while 54% cited incremental revenue lift and 48% said their inventory value increased.


But very interesting: 10% of publishers surveyed had a private marketplace while 35% said they are planning to build one. Of that 10%, more than three quarters have seen a rise in revenue and yield that they associate with privitazation. 


Seems like there’s still a lot of publisher experimentation on the RTB front, which makes sense considering how fresh a lot of the platforms are. However, how soon till the days of testing the waters grow short and pub management demands to see real revenue? Enjoy the infographic and give us your thoughts – click here to download.