For Us By Us, How ALIVE Podcast Network Is Amplifying Black Voices

In a world filled with voices clamoring to be heard, one individual stands out for her dedication to amplifying black voices and creating a platform for authentic storytelling. 

Angel N. Livas, CEO and founder of the ALIVE Podcast Network, is passionate about helping people feel alive by sharing their stories unapologetically and authentically. 

The platform promotes a safe space for Black creatives to share content while maintaining ownership. In a conversation with Livas, she shared her journey, which began at Howard University and eventually led to other creative pursuits. No stranger to entertainment and media, she has over 25 years of experience in the space; her expertise spans from television to terrestrial radio. 

The realization that black creators were often overlooked and undervalued sparked the inception of the ALIVE Podcast Network. Witnessing a canceled mental health show’s impact on a listener who relied on it for support highlighted the need for a space where Black voices can shine and change lives. 

The name “ALIVE” holds a special significance for Livas. It symbolizes her mission to help individuals live purposeful lives and connect with their audiences on a deeper level. Inspired by the concept of Identifying Your One Word from Evan Carmichael’s book, Livas found her purpose in helping others feel alive through storytelling and content creation. The creation of the ALIVE Podcast Network was a natural extension of this vision, where black voices are heard, celebrated, and supported.

“Through the journey of identifying my one word, I felt like it was alive,” Angel explained. “My purpose is to help people feel alive by activating the seed within them to live the purposeful life that God created for them.” 

Monetization Strategies & ALIVE Networks’ Proprietary Tech Stack 

One of the unique aspects of the ALIVE Podcast Network is its listener-supported model, where subscribers can choose to support their favorite hosts directly. This approach not only empowers creators to monetize their content but also fosters a sense of community and connection between hosts and their audiences. Livas is paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse podcast space by providing a sustainable platform for Black creatives to share their stories.

As the ALIVE Podcast Network approaches its second anniversary, Livas reflects on the challenges and triumphs of building a proprietary tech stack and becoming the first Black woman-owned podcast network with a dedicated app. 

“In building our proprietary tech stack, we faced numerous challenges that tested our perseverance and dedication. However, reaching the milestone of being the first Black woman-owned podcast network with a proprietary app has been a significant triumph, showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence.”

The road to success was not easy, with hurdles in development and competition, but Livas’ vision propelled the network to new heights. With plans to attract advertisers and expand its reach in the coming year, the ALIVE Podcast Network is poised for an even greater impact in the podcasting world.

For instance, the network’s recent partnership with Barometer, an AI-powered platform for contextual targeting and brand suitability in audio advertising, is helping creators fight keyword bias and stereotypes that often demonetize Black creators and Black-owned media entities through antiquated brand safety tools. 

Over the past year, Barometer confirmed that the media ALIVE podcast poses no risk in any of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) categories, signifying that on average, ALIVE podcasts adhere to the highest brand suitability and safety standards. By leveraging Barometer’s tech, ALIVE Podcast Network creators are armed with actionable insights that enable them to optimize their content for greater reach, impact, and monetization potential.

The Future is Bright for ALIVE Podcast Network

While acknowledging Black media companies’ challenges in securing ad spend and support, Livas shared the network’s plans to focus on advertising partnerships in 2024. This partnership with Barometer will enable ALIVE Podcast Network to attract advertisers and connect with brands looking to reach Black audiences authentically.

Looking ahead, Livas envisions a future where the ALIVE Podcast Network continues to evolve, connecting with advertisers and expanding its audience while staying true to its mission of amplifying Black voices. With a dedicated team and a loyal listenership, the network is well-positioned to make a lasting impact in the podcasting industry.

Celebrate this Black History Month by downloading the ALIVE Podcast Network app. Forty shows are currently part of the ALIVE Podcast Network family, with new shows being added to the lineup each month. “Even if we don’t have the 50 million listeners at this stage, we are going to grow it,” Livas explains. “We have a very dedicated and loyal listenership, and I think that matters.”