Training – 202: Quality Assurance for Ad Ops

June 14, 2007

Quality Assurance for Ad Ops

Registration opens May 04, 2007

Registration ends June 11, 2007 at 12:00 am

Early Bird Deadline: June 04, 2007

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Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
registration opens at 8:30am; enjoy breakfast until 9:00am
Location: ()
Fee: $ (includes course materials, lab fees, lunch and refreshments)
Registration: Enroll online

Course Description

This one day course was developed to provide ad operations professionals from publishers, ad agencies and ad networks with the skills necessary to maximize revenue by minimizing error through a deeper understanding of quality assurance. The course curriculum focuses on best practices and techniques which can be employed thoughout the ad operations process from I/O entry to creative handling (pre- and post-launch) to campaign monitoring & optimization through reporting and billing to virtually eliminate campaign snags.

This course emphasizes practical processes and concepts that you will be able to put to use immediately; and at the end of the day, you’ll be ready to implement actionable items to increase efficiency and maximize profit.

Who should attend?:

This course will be beneficial to Junior to mid level Ad Traffickers, Media Coordinators, Ad Inventory Analysts, Site producers or Technical Production Operations professionals.

Course Concepts:

  • Learn critical elements of QA throughout the ad ops process
  • Types of creative that need to be tested
  • Setting up a test delivery environment
  • Implementation documentation
  • Test and implement creative
  • Troubleshooting click tag implementations
  • Compatibility with site navigation and content
  • Adhering to: Policy, T’s & C’s and Specifications
  • Learn about best practices and processes used for troubleshooting and QA
  • About the Instructor:

    Mohammad Khan has been involved in advertising operations for nearly 7
    years. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and before
    becoming the Manager of Advertising Operations at COXnet, he held a
    technical analyst position at COXnet and Cox Interactive Media.

    Mohammad is responsible for the management of the daily operations of
    advertising implementation and delivery on Cox Newspaper web sites,
    including ad traffic, ad technology, and inventory analysis. Some of his
    primary duties include: Implementing effective processes and procedures
    with advertising sales personnel, sales operations, technical operations,
    product development, marketing, finance, and external clients to ensure
    smooth ad placement and the resolution of issues with posted ads;
    directing a quality assurance program for ad posting that ensures full
    compliance with contract terms and implementing new ad serving initiatives
    for the newspapers and clients.