Training – 206: Inventory Management & Forecasting

January 29, 2009

Inventory Management & Forecasting

Registration opens November 22, 2008

Registration ends January 23, 2009 at 12:00 am

Early Bird Deadline: January 23, 2009

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Time: 9:00 to 5:00
registration opens at 8:30am; enjoy breakfast until 9:00am
Location: ()
Fee: $ (includes course materials, lab fees, refreshments and a networking luncheon)
Registration: Enroll online

Course Description

This training session will aid ad operations professionals from publishers and ad networks to manage and forecast inventory more efficiently.
Inventory management is one of the most complex areas of ad operations. This training session aims to remove the fear factors and confusion surrounding
inventory management, growing confidence and insight instead.

Starting with the basics of what is Inventory and why is inventory management important. The session will go on to cover overselling,
underselling, ad unit currency, manual systems vs. automated, inventory rules, ownership, data levels and combinations, impact of rich media on inventory,
frequency capping, queries, reporting, forecasting. The session will also cover in house advertising, remnant inventory, sell through and yield analysis.
The course will not provide detailed training on any specific inventory management or forecasting systems, it is aimed at increasing ad operations
professionals understanding of inventory management to help day to day working.

Who should attend?:
This course will be beneficial to entry level ad operations staff, ranging from individuals seeking to enter the field to new hires and staff who have been in ad ops/trafficking for 2-4 months.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Get a true understanding of Inventory
  • Learn the challenges and complexities of Inventory management
  • Gain a better understanding of how inventory management can work effectively
  • Learn about Forecasting
  • Learn about best practices for inventory management and forecasting

    Course Concepts:

  • Inventory vs. Traffic
  • Methods for calculating Inventory
  • Inventory Data
  • Ownership of Inventory Management
  • Rules of Inventory Management
  • Queries & Reporting
  • Forecasting reports
  • Forecasting challenges
  • Tools
  • In House & Remnant inventory
  • About the Instructor:
    Doug M. Wintz is founder and principle of DMW MediaWorks, a consultancy in interactive media and operations, with long-term clients that include the market leaders in online health, broadcast television, behavioral targeting and custom publishing.

    Doug began his interactive career with Prodigy in 1988. During that time, he pioneered the sales and development of online applications for automotive clients Toyota, Ford and Autobytel, brokerage firm PCFN (DLJ Direct) and grocers Dominick’s and D’Agostino. He led the development of one of the first online ad networks for Softbank, managed sales/operations for game site Uproar and recently served as VP of Digital Media Solutions for Lycos.