AdMonsters Tech Forum Spring NY 2016

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AdMonsters Tech Forum, March 17, 1-5pm

The Tech Forum is a half-day deep dive into publisher ad operations tactics and technology. Part training and part conference, the AdMonsters Tech Forum will feature ad ops experts leading interactive discussions that traffickers and managers face on a daily basis. Come ready to talk shop on what is “ad ops”, terminology, trafficking, QA, ad tags, VAST/VPAID, reconciliation, reporting, selecting and managing vendors, APIs, and more. 

A half day at AdMonsters Tech Forum will accelerate your understanding and advance your ad ops career immeasurably. Join us! 

Please note: The AdMonsters Tech Forum is designed specifically for ad ops professionals at online publishers, content creators and mobile application developers. AdMonsters reviews and approves each individual participant to ensure a conversation amongst a community of peers in digital media.



Mar 17, 2016
12:30 pm1:00 pm
Don't just get here early to grab a seat, but use the time to network and meet new people.
1:00 pm1:20 pm
Kicking things off and setting the stage for the rest of the tech forum!
1:20 pm2:00 pm
2015 was a big year for header bidding, as it did what few ad technologies are able to achieve: It lived up to the hype. In this session, we'll take a look at ways publishers can better understand and monitor header bidding's impact on latency, discrepancy and overall lift. We'll also explore publisher focused developments on the supply side in an effort to understand where this tech is headed.
Emry DowningHall (StudyBreak Media)
Session Type
Full Group
2:00 pm2:40 pm
Nothing can make or break a small ad operations team like bringing on a new partner, so having an integration plan in critical. It's also essential to be able to determine whether or not the partner attained the desired results. Learn how to create a plan and measure if your hard on-boarding work is paying off.
Jordan Woods (Curiosity Media)
Session Type
Full Group
2:40 pm3:00 pm
Time for networking and coffee
3:00 pm3:30 pm
Just because your video content doesn't shoot through antennas or MPVDs doesn't mean you can't drive great revenue. Apartment Therapy's Monojit De Munshi will dive into strategies for video monetization across platforms and devices, as well as leveraging programmatic channels.
Monojit De Munshi (Apartment Therapy Media)
Session Type
Full Group
3:30 pm4:10 pm
No matter how big your ad ops department, there are not enough hours in the day for operations to develop a strategy and execute on it considering the current complexity of digital advertising. So where to focus? What should your priorities be and how do you do more than keep your head above water (if you're keeping your head above water)? This group discussion will discuss strategies for ad operations to not just survive, but thrive.
Rob Beeler (AdMonsters)
Ryan McConaghy (Warner Bros. Online)
Cristina Calderin (The Thought & Expression Co.)
Session Type
Full Group
4:10 pm4:50 pm
Now you see it – or do you? Divergent measurement technologies and a lack of agreement on baseline metrics continue to flummox both agencies and publishers transacting on viewability. What steps can relieve some of the current struggles while forwarding the goal of viewability as a currency?
Will Rand ()
Julie Nam (The Weather Company)
Session Type
Full Group
5:10 pm6:30 pm
A quick wrap up and a great opportunity to make connections over drinks.


Attendance is limited. All registrations are subject to review and approval. We reserve the right to decline registration based on type of company, the person’s role or the number of people registered from a certain company. Registrations will be reviewed and confirmed within a few days of registering.

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