Eric Meixner of WhitePages, Inc on Ad Ops, Privacy Regulation

Eric Meixner is the Director of Ad Operations and User Metrics at WhitePages, Inc. a Top 50 website based in Seattle. Eric will be presenting “Buying and Selling Data” at the AdMonsters Publisher Forum in Memphis next week. We spoke with Eric about ad ops, privacy and self-regulation.

Q: Can you briefly describe what you do in your current role?

I am in charge of the 10 person Ad Operations team here at WhitePages, Inc. My team is split between Seattle and New York City.

Q: How do you see ad operations role in the industry – will it change this year?

I do not see any major changes ahead for ad operations in the industry. We will still be the buffer that keeps the sales staff and the engineers from harming one another.

Q: Do you feel that the buy side has most of the leverage in the industry right now as far as tools for data? Is the sell-side playing catch up?

The sell side will always be behind the buy side here because they cannot see as much information as the buy side. Unless they are willing to break the collusion laws, of course.

Q: What are your thoughts about the government concerns over privacy and the use of consumer data? Is self-regulation a viable option?

I believe the government’s concern on privacy is a tad hypocritical, especially given their constant desire to circumvent the 4th amendment. Self-regulation really is the only viable way to help our users take control of their information.

Q: What Elvis song reminds you most of Ad Operations?

I never liked Elvis; I thought he sounded like a drowning cat. I always preferred the Beatles myself.