The Ascension of Augmented Reality: Q&A With Martina King

Screens keynote explains how to demonstrate value

Few people understand the intricacies and marketing potential of augemented reality quite like Martina King, former Managing Director of augemented reality platform Aurusma. Prior to her keynote at AdMonsters Screens on Monday, 19 Nov. in London, we asked for her thoughts on showing the value of augmented reality campaigns to advertisers and what makes an effective campaign.

How do you explain the value of an augmented reality campaign to an advertiser? What kind of metrics back that up? 

For the first time we are able to use the mobile device to engage with objects and images in the real world and then place a digital overlay. We all know the theory: build a mass-market medium and the advertisers will follow…. Well, that hasn’t worked for mobile. Another technology leap was necessary and it arrived in the shape of AR.

It’s like the early days of the web – just because it can be measured, doesn’t make it a success. There are no established metrics yet, although people are expecting Internet metrics to be applied and we just don’t know yet if that is right. 

I’m involved with a business called Featurespace based in Cambridge University. The genii there have developed a tool measuring real-time customer change data. They are able to spot churning customers and send appropriate messages, based on that persons preferences. I can see how the mobile device, coupled with AR and personalised targeting are going to change the world of media, again.

The current value of an AR campaign is in bringing together the whole marketing mix. Delivering the potential of one-to-one, measurable engagement with products, PR, merchandise, TV-enabled press ads – all through the mobile device. 

Judging by a lot of AR campaigns, novelty seems to be a big selling point at the moment – what will help brands be bolder and possibly offer more functionary campaigns? 

Realising that the audience on the mobile device has just been unlocked for advertisers. Realising that the whole marketing mix just got interactive – watch mobile advertising revenues soar. A primary mechanism for measurable, engaging mobile enabled advertising has arrived. The only question is will it take 12 years to overtake press, to become the second largest ad medium as the Internet just has? I think not.

What AR campaigns have most impressed you? 

Above is a demonstration of Debenhams Aurasma-enabled Evening Standard wrap. Also check out the AR campaign around the Rolling Stones’ new album, “Grrrr.”

What are the greatest challenges in bringing an AR campaign to (virtual) life? What could make the process more efficient?  

It’s still early days for the technology – everyone is experimenting, there is no set formula. We just need to keep people motivated to try new things.

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