AdMonsters Industry Roundup: Casale Media, VideoHub, Adaptly & More

In this week’s AdMonsters Industry Roundup, we bring you the latest news from Casale Media, VideoHub, Visual IQ & more, with industry insights from David Berkowitz of 360i and Nikhil Sethi of Adaptly. Check it out below!



VideoHub Provides Awesome Digital Video Insights

VideoHub, an end-to-end analytics and monetization platform built exclusively for video, released its Q1 2012 Performance Replay. This report draws from 3.5 billion monetized videos in the first quarter of 2012. This latest report includes Player Size and Player Position statistics, bringing insight to the quality of the digital screen.

Major findings from the report include that 88 percent of all video ads were fully visible to viewers, a much stronger percentage than has been indicated for display ads. The report also details how viewership changes according to the ebb and flow of TV seasons. When seasons are peaking at their finales (Q4) digital viewership shifts toward primetime, with highest streaming between 4 and 9pm. This differs during Q1, when most series are off-air; at this time, digital viewership peaks between 12 and 4 p.m. For more details from the report, check out the VideoHub press release. Also be sure to catch more on video at AdMonsters OPS TV!


How Agencies Should Handle Start-Ups

In a piece published on AdAge, David Berkowitz, VP of Emerging Media at 360i breaks down the reasons why agencies struggle to attract and develop relationships with start-ups. David, who gave a fascinating keynote presentation on a day in his mobile life at the last AdMonsters OPS Mobile, speaks from personal experience about how start-ups are generally distrusting of agencies, finding that they often over-promise and under-deliver.

David details six ways agencies can improve their approach to start-ups, from simply showing up to developing good karma.” Many agencies can make rapid improvements by simply treating startups and other potential partners like they (hopefully) treat their clients: set expectations, be honest, and respect everyone’s time.”


One Facebook, Two Strategies

Facebook has launched some major changes over the past few months, including its recent announcement of the Facebook Exchange, a real-time bidding ad exchange. These new changes will necessitate adaptations and new brand strategies.

On the Adaptly blog, Nikhil Sethi, CEO & Co-Founder, discusses the new Facebook features and how brands can best adapt to utilize these tools. Nikhil writes, “The power of Facebook lies not in just the pure ability to serve an impression to a person, but to actually retain that person within a social environment and communicate with them on a consistent basis via compelling content.” Read more on the Adaptly blog.


Casale Media Launches Sell-Side Platform

Earlier this week, Casale Media launched a sell-side platform, Index Platform, designed to compete with Google and PubMatic. Casale’s Index Platorm powers programmatic selling and private marketplaces for publishers. Index Platform provides publishes  advanced control and channel protection, with full support for dealID, which enables advanced selling within private exchange environments.Casale Media also launched Index Pulse, which maps bids in real-time as they flow from demand-side platforms (DSPs) and agency trading desks. The bids are identified by prices and regions for the impression.

Adrian Tompsett, VP of Business Development at DataXu said, “Casale Media has built an advanced supply side platform empowering publishers with the granular controls and transparency required in order to more effectively collaborate with the buy side to help marketers better achieve their goals.” To learn more about these developments, check out the full press release!


Visual IQ Receives New Funding

Visual IQ, a leading cross channel marketing intelligence software provider, announced this week that it received $12 million from Boston-based Volition Capital and existing investor Fog City Capital.

“Visual IQ’s technology is solving a truly daunting problem facing marketers today: how to optimize an increasingly complex multi-channel marketing ecosystem,” said Sean Cantwell, a Partner of Volition Capital who will join the Visual IQ Board of Directors. Visual IQ’s IQ Intelligence Suite reveals powerful cross channel performance insights hidden within companies’ marketing data, and drives actionable recommendations so companies can make the most of their marketing spend. The company was recently named a leader in two separate attribution-based Forrester research reports. This Series B funding will fuel additional innovation and sales growth within the organization. Read the full press release.


OkCupid Builds a Data-First Brand

Online dating giant OkCupid regularly makes waves with its reports, OkTrends, which utilize user-input data to generate fascinating statistics on behavioral trends, ranging from oatmeal consumption to oral sex. The brand’s commitment to data is also evident in their brand strategy.

The dating site is free, relying on an advertising-based model. The enormous amount of information input into the site by its romance-seeking users through match questions, surveys, and profile information enables OkCupid to provide its advertisers with amazing opportunities for targeting. To learn more about how OkCupid, founded by four math majors, built this data-first brand, check out the article on Digiday.




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