The AdMonsters Daily Digest – Wednesday 25 July 2012


AdMonsters News Round-Up – 25 July 2012

Welcome to the AdMonsters Daily Digest! We scour the news for digital advertising and operations news every day so you don’t have to – we’re nice like that.

We’ll be updating this page throughout the day but have a peruse of all the news you can use (that’s right – I did it) below. Happy reading!

Tablets to Rake in Mobile Ad Dollars

Oh sure, tablet devices seemed so cute and innocent at first – remember how playful the iPad looked raised in Steve Jobs’ arms? But did you know the actual plan was DOMINATION OF THE MOBILE AD MARKET? That’s right, tablets are gobbling up mobile ad share like they’re at the buffet bar at the Sizzler. According to a new Yankee Group report – quaintly titled, “Managed Mobile Vendors: Integrate and Interoperate or Face Commodity Hell” – tablets will grab 53% of mobile ad dollars in 2014, leaving 47% of the pie for handsets. By 2016, tablets will be chowing down 60% of mobile spend – is there nothing that can sate their hunger? Also check out MediaPost’s coverage. We’ll be sure to discuss the tablet menace at the Publisher Forum: Mobile November in San Antonio.

[X+1] and Adobe Get Integrated

Platforms unite – [X+1]’s Origin Enterprise DMP has been integrated with Adobe’s Test&Target to enable marketers to “define on-the-fly custom attributes, automatically discover and create audience segments, gain unparalleled insights into cross-channel customer behavior and link offline and online behavioral data.” Read the whole press release here.

YuMe’ll Make You Flip

There’s a new mobile ad unit in town, pardners – YuMe’s Mobile Flip is a full-screen unit that allows tablet users to “flip” access additional content. It can be deployed as a slate of options that flips to a video, vice versa, or hey – a short video that flips to a longer one. Check out some of the demos here.

Time for Pubs to Get Real (Value for Their Inventory)

“In order to get the real value of their inventory, publishers need to own more of the supply chain that makes programmatic buying possible,” Operative Founder Lorne Brown tells The Makegood. “By getting themselves closer to the trading desks and getting all their inventory in one single system to manage, then the true value of all their inventory will be realized and resources can be allocated to servicing the right revenue streams.”

Game On!

Gaming has now surpassed checking e-mails as the second most popular activity on tablet devices. Consumers are taking advantage of the touch screens and larger screens as recreational devices more so than for work – find out why on eMarketer

Iconic Ruling in LinkedIn Case

LinkedIn has had its privacy case dismissed as a judge in California deemed the social media giant of having done nothing wrong. LinkedIn was accused by a user of having shared identifiable private browsing data with third parties, read more here

Apple pulls Clueful from App Store

Why would Apple not want you knowing which apps are accessing your data? Clueful – by Romanian anti-virus defender Bitdefender – was approved by Apple and placed in the App Store only to be pulled shortly after, but why? Get Forbes’ take on it here.

Like or +1?

Ever wondered what has a bigger impact on your social ranking – a Google+1 or a Facebook like? Well eMarketer were wondering too and did some in-depth research into it, find out who wins out in their insightful piece here. 

Measurement lacking in Social

SMAC (Social Media Advertising Consortium – not a drug) are fully across the social media landscape and are calling for better metrics and measurement in the industry. eConsultancy spoke with SMAC’s Co-executive Director about the issue and what needs to be put in place. Read it here