Automatic Redirects Flood Video Ad Space (and it’s Just Getting Started)

Video advertising has always been a bright spot for the industry: effective, profitable, and malware-free. Because it’s threat-free, AdOps teams don’t need to spend a lot of time scanning for scams. Sadly, that is changing rapidly.  Earlier this year, I wrote about ScamClub’s breach into the video channel, successfully injecting…

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Data Lakes Won’t Make Publishers Data Driven. Here’s What Will

Is it time to ditch your data lake dreams and get real about your data strategy? Learn how normalizing, accessing, and ensuring data accuracy can turn your publishing organization into a truly data-driven powerhouse. Discover the steps to make data work for everyone, from your ops team to your business…

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Misinformation is a Drag and a Threat to Digital Media

As much as we hate to admit, misinformation is a plague online. Any social media blogger or user can post a screenshot or salacious news without a fact check, and audiences will run with it. Now, with AI deep fakes becoming even more convincing, this problem is bound to get…

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