Your Email Strategy May Blow Up Sooner Than You Think

Does an email still count as first-party data if you never know who the email belongs to, or whether it belongs to anyone at all? And what happens as email obfuscation becomes an “enabled by default” feature of consumer devices and web browsers? Just when everyone thought email might be…

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Sales and Ad Ops Best Practices for Collaboration

What’s the best way for publishers to attract advertisers to their properties? Enable their sales teams to tell compelling stories about their audiences and why they would be receptive to the potential advertiser’s products and services. But storytelling requires data. The trick is to foster better collaboration between Ad Ops…

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🌯 Will Microsoft Acquire Netflix?; Disney & TTD Link Up

July 19, 2022 Is Microsoft Looking to Scoop Up Netflix Next? Disney and TTD Link Up Retail Media: Publisher Friend or Foe? Around The Water Cooler Could the Netflix + Microsoft Ad Partnership Lead to More? Are you as surprised as we are that Netflix selected Microsoft as their significant…

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