TV Networks Have Seen This Show Before

Above is a clip from the OPS Markets NY keynote of JT Batson of Mediaocean remarking on the fluidity of TV buying and selling systems. Batson learned a great deal about these at Donovan Data Systems before that company merged with MediaBank to form Mediaocean in April.

The fluidity of direct sales isn’t carried over to digital advertising world, where new techologies constantly give rise to new sets of data that need to be managed, and new touchpoints to do so. But this isn’t the first time TV has made the shift to deal with new media, something we’ll discuss in more detail at OPS TV.

The digital advertising field faces two major challenges to establishing its own fluidity: a lack of business and technology standards and its inherent, emergent complexity. These two challenges must be surmounted to smoothy link buy- and sell-side operations.

In his interview with AdMonsters back in April, JT remarked, “The answer to both of [these problems] is to create systems that ease integration and coordination across different parts of the business – to turn the point solutions into a manageable, coherent system; and to enable direct interaction between media buyers and media sellers.”

If you’re you confused by the media tech stack and feel tangled in a web of technologies and touchpoints, JT Batson will bring concrete solutions and understanding to the complexities of the digital advertising world and will provide effective solutions to increase and improve communication between principals on both the buy and sell sides. Catch his keynote presentation at the upcoming Publisher Forum in Vienna!


JT Batson

JT Batson helps shape Mediaocean’s product and platform agenda, and provides strategic counsel to the wider community of publishers, agencies, and technologies that empower their interactions by partnering with Mediaocean. He comes to Mediaocean from his role as President, DDS Digital. Prior to joining DDS, JT was EVP at the Rubicon Project where he managed revenue and global development, leading Rubicon’s business expansion across five countries. Before joining the Rubicon Project, JT worked for the Mozilla Corporation, where he led international and retention marketing efforts for Firefox. JT has a degree in political science from Stanford University.


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