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99 Problems, and the GIF is Still One

We’ve got way more than 99 problems in digital advertising, and unfortunately, the .gif is still one. You’ve seen them: the lackluster, unanimated .gifs that crop up in place of shiny, fancy rich media (Flash) creative on your finicky, non-flash enabled devices. As these devices – let’s be honest, most…

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The Rise of the Custom Creative

When you visit the homepage for Aol’s Project Devil, there’s a catchphrase across the top that immediately grabs you: "There’s no reason webpages should look the same as they did 15 years ago." I've never met a publisher who would disagree, but it wasn’t until recently that we saw any…

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3 Things Publishers Need to Know About Rich Media

The world of creative in online advertising is constantly evolving. It seems that every month we’re reading about new types of creative that can be implemented on a publisher’s web site. While many still use plain images to do their advertising (and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that!), we are…

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iPad and iPhone App Development: Like Pouring Concrete

NPR was one of a few publishers to have a customized iPad application available at the product launch. The iPad app was a result of five weeks of intense development, but also, six months of learning through a successful app on the iPhone platform. Here are some things to consider…

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A Salute To Out of the Box

Editor's Note: This blog article originally appeared on the Unicast Blog.Our clients are always in search of the next big thing, the out-of-the-box solution that will make a big impact. I’ve seen some great out-of-the-box executions both from our internal clients and out there on the web as a regular…

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Using Simple Scripts to Acquire Vendor Rich Media Data

As anyone who has had to pull data from rich media providers knows, the process can be tedious and error prone and the reporting interfaces tend to be cumbersome. Many Ad Ops teams wait until the end of the month to reconcile serving discrepancies. Unfortunately that means that any significant…

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