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A Deep Dive Into Criteo’s 40M GDPR Fine From the CNIL

The French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) levied a hefty GDPR fine against global commerce media company, Criteo. The €40M ($44 Million) fine, dates back to complaints filed by None of Your Business (NOYB) and Privacy International in 2018. Jessica B. Lee, Partner, Chair, Privacy, Security & Data Innovations at Loeb…

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Four Reasons Why Over Targeting is Bad for Online Advertisers

In recent years, the online advertising industry has increasingly leveraged geographic, demographic and behavioral targeting in their quest to attract only the best, most qualified users. In doing so, nationwide, non-targeted campaigns have been pushed to the wayside when in fact, they still perform very well on some of the…

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Jack Myers and Rob Beeler at OPS NY Part 5 – Data and Privacy

We knew when developing the agenda for OPS that we couldn't just have operations people say that ops was sexy. We needed an icon in the industry to help drive that point home and end the day with everyone buzzing about all the great things operations is. We were extremely…

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