Stepping Out of the Shadows: Turn Looks to Shape the Future of Advertising Using Its Past

Turn takes ad tech primetime

This industry of ours does not just lend itself to creativity and innovation – it craves it. This is our very lifeblood and it’s what makes digital the most fast paced, innovative and ultimately lucrative side of the advertising industry.

But when looking for creativity and innovation far too often we’ve been guilty of looking to one another, what are our competitors doing – how could we do it better? That’s great – let’s put a clock on it.

That’s all set to change though thanks to Turn.

You and I may know Turn; their innovative end-to-end management platform and targeting technology are real viable alternatives to Google’s array of products in the ad tech sector.

Turn already enjoy a huge footprint in the US and are expanding across Europe – but you speak to your average media buyer and they couldn’t relay this information back to you, let alone tell you the key players in the ad tech marketplace.

Paul Alfieri, Turn Vice President, Global Marketing stated: “Turn delivers real-time data insights and amazing campaign performance for advertisers, but historically our sector as a whole has struggled to make itself understood by the wider business community.“ 

So, Turn have shelled out an estimated $500,000 on an incredibly daring and innovative campaign featuring a primetime TV spot during the season finale of Mad Men (airing in the US on June 10) to tell the story of how advertising has changed since Don Draper’s heyday.

“The Moment of Decision,” shot by veteran HBO “True Blood” and “Bored to Death” director Michael Lehmann makes cloud marketing platform Turn the first global B2B company of its kind to advertise in mainstream primetime broadcast media.

You can’t fail to enjoy the double dose of irony here, a targeting ad platform using a mainstream scatter gun approach such as prime time television as well as an advertising company advertising on a show about… Well, um, er…advertising.

But, it’s these very talking points that make this an innovative and fresh campaign, well that – and the ad itself.

Set in the offices of a 1960s Madison Avenue agency, the ad features an impeccably groomed ad exec about to begin a tryst with a shapely young female from the secretarial pool when another woman walks in.

The sense that this might be a preview for Mad Men’s upcoming season is broken only when a gun is fired and the scene shifts to super slow motion with a voice-over likening the “10 milliseconds” required for the bullet to traverse the room to the speed of Turn’s digital advertising platform.

Viewers will then be directed to a microsite to find out what happened at the end of the ad and of course find out more about Turn themselves.

Will this be the game changer? What results to Turn expect from this campaign? Is this purely branding? 

If nothing else, as I mentioned before this industry of ours is based on innovation and creativity and why should that be limited only to our technology? We harp on about the need for good creative and here’s a fantastic example of it. Well done Turn – we’re all waiting on the results and of course… what’s next?


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