Yield Management 3.0: Beyond Private Exchanges

July 07, 2011—8:00 pm

About the Session

Title: Yield Management 3.0: Beyond Private Exchanges

Publishers have seen great results on their remnant inventory by optimising demand through manual yield management. This is the first phase of Yield Management. Over the past 18 months, real-time bidding and private exchanges are becoming the yield technology of choice. But now, publishers are looking at data and technologies that allow them squeeze every bit of yield along the demand curve. We will discuss techniques and tools that enable publishers to optimise against RTB and private exchanges as a countervailing force against buyers who are doing the same.


About the Speaker

Ari Paparo

SVP, Product Management, AppNexus

As SVP of Product at AppNexus, Ari is responsible for driving the strategy and product development of the industry’s most advanced, real-time ad platform. A well-known and respected member of the online advertising community, Ari brings over 10 years of experience developing leading rich media and online advertising solutions. He joined AppNexus from the Nielsen Company, where he served as EVP of Product for Nielsen Online. Prior to that, Ari served as a product leader for DoubleClick and Google, managing the DoubleClick buy-side suite, including DART for Advertisers, DoubleClick Rich Media, DoubleClick Video, and related products. Ari received a BS in Marketing from Georgetown University and an MBA from Columbia University.