Why You Should Fear The iPad?

September 14, 2011—2:15 pm

About the Session

Title: Why You Should Fear The iPad?

Is the iPad a fad, a friend or is it a serious threat to the online industry? The iPad stands to revolutionise traditional media such as print and TV, however what are the implications for web publishers and online advertising. Paul will explore the latest developments in tablet based publishing, what it means to the online industry and how it will impact advertising.’

About the Speaker

Paul Dovas, ABC & CAB Chief Executive Officer

An economics graduate of the University of Sydney, Paul began his career in the financial services industry before pursuing his passion for publishing and the media.

Paul joined the ABC and CAB in 1998, driving the delivery of new products and services for the digital era. As director of Audit Services, Paul successfully developed and launched new services including digital publication audits, web traffic audits and email newsletter audits. He also represented ABC Australia on international matters, serving as a consultant to audit bureaux in New Zealand, Singapore and Japan on web audit matters, overseeing the introduction of online audit services for Malaysia, and sitting on the Executive Board of the International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations (IFABC).

Paul has also served on the IFABC’s WWW Standards Committee and has been involved in many local and international digital measurement initiatives. He briefly left the ABC/CAB in 2006 to assume the role of publisher and editor of humour publication HA! Before returning as director of audit services in 2008.

Paul was appointed chief executive of the ABC and CAB in August 2010 and continues to serve on the IFABC Executive Board and their newly formed Digital Publishing Sub Committee.