What to Expect When You Go DMP

March 06, 2012—2:00 pm


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What to Expect When You Go DMP


While anxious publishers ponder whether they should just sign up for a data management platform already, there’s plenty to prepare for before the decision is made – namely the integration. Because hindsight is 20/20, WebMd Director of Ad Products Ben Kneen (a.k.a. Ad Ops Insider) shares lessons learned from bringing a DMP aboard and the questions publishers should be asking themselves now.


About the Speaker


Ben KneenBen Kneen

Director of Ad Products




Ben Kneen is the Director of Ad Products at WebMD, the leading provider of health information services. There he oversees product development for data-driven, audience-based media solutions, manages strategic vendor partnerships across a variety of sales channels and works to identify and implement new ad technologies to drive innovation within the company. Previously, Ben led the Yield Management practice for WebMD's physician-facing network, Medscape, where he was responsible for inventory, revenue delivery and analytics. Prior to joining WebMD, Ben was Manager of Inventory at Rodale Digital, and started his career in the Client Service group of Atlas Solutions, part of the Microsoft Advertising organization. Ben is also the editor of AdOpsInsider.com, where he writes on developing technologies from an ad operations point of view.