What Can Mobile Do for Marketers? Go Ask Ad Ops

March 07, 2012—2:30 pm


About the Session


What Can Mobile Do for Marketers? Go Ask Ad Ops


Spencer Owens, Director of Advertising and Email Operations for BabyCenter, has been in more client meetings this year than ever before and it’s all thanks to mobile. Mobile websites may be seeing traffic rapidly ramp up, but advertisers that are still getting comfortable buying desktop display and video are perplexed by the mobile landscape. It’s up to ad ops and its plethora of resources to lead the conversation about how marketers can best be served by mobile – through innovations in ad units, targeting and more. In addition, he’ll detail how the BabyCenter team is organized to facilitate mobile workflow alongside desktop.


About the Speaker


Spencer OwensSpencer Owens

Global Director of Ad Operations




Spencer Owens is the Director of Global Advertising Operations at BabyCenter where he oversees revenue operations, email production, and advertising product development for BabyCenter’s 22 markets around the world. In Spencer’s 3 years at BabyCenter, his teams have managed a 150% growth in ad inventory and sent over 1 billion email messages annually. Over the last 13 years, Spencer launched the Ad Ops organization at BlogHer and led teams at Travelocity and AdAuction, the world’s first online media exchange. Spencer is living the full BabyCenter dad experience in Oakland, CA with his wife Katherine and their two daughters: Zia, 4, and Kalliope, born June 2011.