Trends in Global Operations

March 22, 2012—2:40 pm


About the Session 

Session Title: Trends in Global Ad Operations

Rob Beeler, Content Czar of AdMonsters, works with ad operations leaders all over the world and will lend his unique perspective of where operations is and where operations is going. Highlighting things other markets are doing well and things they aren't doing well, Rob will share his thoughts on what have become best practices for all operations professionals.

About the Speaker 

Rob Beeler

Content Czar





Rob Beeler is Vice President of Content and Media for AdMonsters, a global community of ad operations and technology leaders. Rob's responsibilities include developing content for AdMonsters forums around the world and online.

Rob Beeler joined AdMonsters in October 2008 after nearly 10 years at Advance Internet. At Advance Internet, Rob started as the only ad operations person and developed a department of 15 people in eight locations across the country responsible for operations, project management, business development, Web analytics, and financial reporting, becoming executive director of ad operations and analytics in early 2007.