The Video Revolution will be Televised (and watched online)

March 22, 2012—6:20 pm


About the Session

Session Title: The Video Revolution will be Televised (and watched online)


As advertisers look to shift more advertising budgets to digital, video is emerging as a primary marketing channel. Video as it stands today poses some unique operational challenges. Those challenges will only increase as video and television converge. This session will outline the trends you need to watch, best practices that are emerging and give a glimpse of what the future of video looks like.


About the Speaker


Scott Savage

Lead Technical Producer



Scott is a Technical Producer at YouTube, helping advertisers to understand and optimise their use of media and custom engagement executions on YouTube. Since completing Software Engineering and Marketing degrees in 2006, Scott has worked with the REA Group and Google in the online advertising space. He strives to help brands find the intersection point between creativity, technology and efficiency in their marketing strategy. He has executed a number of YouTube's largest programs, including YouTube Symphony, IPL 2010-2012 and the Tropfest film festival.