The Role of the Network

February 09, 2012—6:30 pm

Session Title:
The Role of the Network


If media costs are decreasing and is increasingly becoming a commodity, where do networks add value?


If a trading desk can go and buy the media from exchanges, and can do deals for the data, where and how do we ensure that £1 spent with us is worth more to a client than £1 spent through the trading desk. 


Dave Katz takes you through the role of the network in a world where RTB is soon to be king.


About the Speaker

Dave Katz has been in the digital ad industry since 1999, when he began his online 

career at i-level.  After 3 years working his way up from Exec level to lower 

management, he began his first efforts at running his own business, setting up Katzy 

Communications Limited as a marketing consultancy.  His main client at that time 

was Premierbet, a football-only, web-only bookmaking  firm.  After about a year, 

Premierbet’s requirements outgrew his capabilities and Dave moved to where he eventually headed up their UK Publisher Services 



Two years after joining, Dave joined MPG MediaContacts as their first Head 

of Display Trading.  Dave enjoyed close to 5 years at MPG, during which the agency 

changed and mutated from being the biggest small agency to being the smallest big 

agency.  This was not entirely down to Dave, but he likes to take a lot of the credit for 

winning clients such as BBC, Nationwide, AXA, Hyundai, Kia and Sportingindex. 


Before taking the reigns at Ybrant Digital UK, Dave spent a very happy 9-months 

working for himself once again on a variety of projects, some work related, others 

charity and music-based, before he leapt at the chance to become the MD at Ybrant. 

Dave describes his role at Ybrant Digital UK as being ultimately responsible for 

everything from taking out the rubbish to delivering  P&L, and everything in the 

middle.  This, he enjoys.