The Future of Ad Networks

August 02, 2012—2:35 pm


About the Session:

The Future of Ad Networks

Chris will be discussing how he thinks Ad Networks will evolve as the digital ecosystem moves towards real-time buying and demand-side platforms. Will they add in more targeting data and look like a data management platform? Will Ad Networks become supply side platforms? Will they evolve into their own DSPs?




About the Speaker

Chris LevingsChris Levings, Operations Director, Adconion Direct

Adconion Media Group is a digital media company, which provides a portfolio of brand and direct response solutions for advertisers worldwide. Adconion Media Group wholly owns Adconion Direct, providing direct response solutions across display, email and social media.

As Operations Director of Adconion Direct, Chris is responsible for steering the company’s multichannel direct response marketing platform, overseeing the strategy and teams in Australia. Chris has worked with the Adconion Media Group for over four years, launching Frontline Direct in Australia and more recently launching Adconion Direct in 2011. Chris has been focused on driving innovative direct response display, email marketing, social, data and automated trading solutions.

Chris has over ten years’ experience in the digital media industry and prior to joining Adconion, Chris worked in search engine optimisation and held sales position at CNET Direct, CBS Interactive’s direct response division for the APAC region. Chris has a strong passion for digital and can draw from a diverse number of senior roles held within market leading organisations.