Terms and Conditions: Is It Possible to Standardize?

April 18, 2012—5:30 pm


About the Session


Terms and Conditions: Is It Possible to Standardize?


Unlike in the world of TV where a standard set of terms and conditions is generally complied with, digital advertising T&Cs vary from agency to agency, from publisher to publisher. This lack of formalization increases costs and inefficiencies on both sides. Is it possible to find areas of common ground to improve efficiencies and lower costs? The rise of RTB and automated trading offers some level of respite, but the nature of online business remains heavily driven by custom solutions which are in need of standard procedures. Richard Monihan, Director of Sales Operations Policy and Contract Oversight, and Julian Zilberbrand, SVP, Digital Director, Technology Activation Group at Starcom Mediavest, discuss whether a standard set of agreements can be, or needs to be, produced.


About the Speakers


Rick MonihanRick Monihan

Director of Sales Operations Policy and Contract Oversight



Rick Monihan, Director of Sales Operations Policy and Contract Oversight, manages agency and vendor relationships for ESPN. Since joining ESPN in 2011, Monihan has led efforts to implement industry best practices which streamline the sales process and improve operational efficiency. A 26-year veteran in media sales and operations, Monihan served in a variety of sales planning roles throughout his career including positions with ABC, USA, CNBC, Univision, AOL, The Weather Channel, Fox News and 4Kids Entertainment. While at both Univision and AOL, Monihan was instrumental in starting and building the Sales Planning teams. Later, as the Director of Digital Operations at Fox News Digital, Monihan put together an Operations Department while improving the network’s revenue yield and efficiency. Most recently, he served as the Vice President of Digital and TV Sales and Operations at 4Kids Entertainment, mastering complex COPPA and CARU rules and guidelines. Rick is a 1984 graduate of Syracuse University’s Newhouse School. He also studied Economic History at the New School for Social Research.



Julian ZilberbrandJulian Ziberbrand

SVP, Digital Director, Technology Activation Group

Starcom MediaVest Group



As SVP, Digital Director, Technology Activation Group, Julian Zilberbrand oversees the implementation and reporting of digital campaigns for clients across the global SMG network. In this role, he leads training on buying, planning, trafficking and billing tools for all digital staff, and manages digital and technology vendor relationships. In addition, Julian has helped lead and oversee the development of the Digital Mediabank platform throughout the entire Starcom MediaVest Group network in the US. Before joining MediaVest in 2004, Julian held Product Specialist and Client Service Specialist roles at rich media technology provider Eyeblaster, and developed the company's Eyeblaster University training program. Earlier in his career, he worked at DoubleClick as a Project Manager and Technical Analyst, where he balanced product engineering and operational roles while providing support for clients on rich media, third party ad serving and campaign reporting.