Taking the Secondary Channel to New Levels

February 09, 2012—3:20 pm

About the session

Connect the secondary channel into direct sales and become a secondary channel yourself


Join Telegraaf Media Group’s Martin van der Meij when he’ll be hosting a session answering some of the toughest questions facing Publishers looking to increase revenues across the digital landscape today.


Questions Martin is looking to tackle include; how best for ad networks to increase direct revenue? How can publishers combine their revenue streams to create a one-stop-shop for advertisers and what is the future of the publisher trading desk?


About the Speaker


Martin van der Meij
Yield Manager

De Telegraaf





Martin van der Meij is Yield Manager for Telegraaf Media Group in the Netherlands. Here he runs the display strategy for the biggest RTB publisher in the Netherlands and his ideas and actions have had a distinct and direct impact in the current dutch Display ecosystem.


Because of Martin’s influence, Telegraaf was one of the first European publishers to work in yield management (through RTB engines and a publisher trading desk). As such, over the last 4 years Martin has managed to turn unsold inventory into a major revenue stream for Telegraaf.


His online experience dates back to 1995 when he was instrumental in getting one of the first local newspapers in Holland online. The following year he gained international experience with website optimization and new revenue streams. Then in the late 90's Martin found himself running several websites that where optimized based on the value of visitors and their referral. What’s Martin’s challenge for 2012? Just the small matter of building the first multi-platform exchange and fully automated platform.