Sponsor Session: Open X – The Power of “Revenue Serving”

September 30, 2010—7:00 pm

About the Sponsor


OpenX is the world’s leading independent provider of digital advertising technology that enables businesses to manage and maximize their ad revenue. OpenX products, including OpenX Enterprise and OpenX Market, provide a comprehensive revenue generation platform by combining ad serving with a unique ad exchange. OpenX ad serving products are used by more than 200,000 websites in more than 100 countries and serve more than 350 billion ads monthly. OpenX Market reaches more than 400 million monthly unique users worldwide.



About the Session

John Linden, CTO, OpenX reviews the biggest challenges facing publishers today, and why the old approach to managing advertising doesn’t work in today’s dynamic market. He’ll explain how the industry needs a smarter approach that replaces static ad serving with ‘revenue serving,’ so publishers can automatically maximize their direct and indirect revenue on one platform.

He will show how a next generation ad server must redefine how to classify, package, and sell ad inventory so publishers can launch new ad products in an increasingly competitive marketplace—while giving them better control over targeting data, more accurate forecasting, and instant access to global demand.

He will also explain why the industry needs a global ad exchange to help publishers improve yield from their international inventory.


About the Speaker

John Linden AdMonsters SpeakerJohn Linden is the Chief Technology Officer of OpenX.

Prior to OpenX, John was the CTO of Kowabunga. Before Kowabunga, he was the Founder and CEO of Litmus Media, which was acquired by Kowabunga. Previously John was CTO of Adknowledge and the Founder and CTO of Planet Alumni, which was acquired by Reunion.com. He began his career at Microsoft. John attended the University of Kansas where he studied computer engineering.