Sponsor Session: DoubleVerify – How to Make Verification Work for You

September 30, 2010—7:00 pm

About the Sponsor

DoubleVerify OPS NY Sponsor

DoubleVerify is the pioneer of online media verification. Our mission is to bring trust, accountability, transparency, and compliance to online advertising in order to drive the entire industry forward. We are uniquely positioned at the nexus of the digital advertising industry. We work with the largest publishers, advertisers, ad networks, ad exchanges, and demand side platforms to verify the correct placement and display of every single impression of a verified online advertising campaign.


About the Session

As more and more brand dollars move from traditional media to the online, verification continues to be a critical component in justifying and supporting this shift; by verifying delivery of ad campaigns, advertisers and media buyers identify and eliminate budget waste from their online campaigns and safeguard the reputation of their brands. The question is what does this mean for advertising delivery platforms and how can verification support and improve their business and relationships with brands? This session will focus on the best practices around verification and how it is being used to open up new inventory sources, increase and enhance relationship with brands and even increase performance.