Sponsor Breakout Session C: Ad-Juster

March 06, 2012—4:00 pm


About the Sponsor

AdMonsters Ad-Juster Sponsor Session

Ad-Juster is the world’s only 3rd party reporting and discrepancy management tool. Ad-Juster currently provides actionable data to over 60 digital agencies, networks and publishers. Ad-Juster automatically identifies and reports ad delivery discrepancies – helping manage one of the digital ad world’s most painful problems.


About the Session

Story Time With Ad-Juster

What's the Ad-Juster story? Join us at this breakout session to learn about the history of Ad-Juster, what we do and what we are planning for the future. SVP of Client Services Jesse Poppick will lead this breakout session with a walk-through of the Ad-Juster platform, a brief history of time according to Ad-Juster, as well as a look into the future with an exclusive premiere presentation of an exciting beta development with one of our top Publisher clients. Come hear the Ad-Juster story: past, present and future.