Sponsor Breakout Session A: DoubleClick

March 06, 2012—4:00 pm


About the Sponsor

Doubleclick AdMonsters Sponsor


DoubleClick is a provider of digital marketing technology and services. The world's top marketers, publishers and agencies utilize DoubleClick's expertise in ad serving, rich media, video, search and affiliate marketing to help them make the most of the digital medium. From its position at the nerve center of digital marketing, DoubleClick provides superior insights and insider knowledge to its customers.


About the Session

Supercharge Ad Performance: New Tools to Increase Efficiency and Maximize Returns

Ensuring your advertisers' campaigns reach the optimal audience can be a daunting task. Collating and analyzing data from multiple sources is time consuming. Using that data to re-configure campaigns while staying within advertiser requirements can be an inefficient process. Monitoring performance and then iterating again, may be tedious. In this session, learn how DFP Optimization leverages Google's advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically match ads to the users most likely to respond, helping you increase the value of your inventory, create efficiencies for your ad operations team, and deliver even greater campaign lift for your advertisers.