Sponsor Breakout E: YuMe – Large-Scale Video Ad Sales and Operations: A View from the Trenches

August 17, 2010—3:00 pm

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AdMonsters Yume Sponsorship

YuMe is a video advertising technology company that makes it easy for publishers to make money from their video content and for advertisers to reach audiences in a powerful way. www.yume.com


About the Session

As more and more publishers source and distribute video online, ad operations executives need to lay the groundwork for their organizations to sell video content effectively. In this session Breeze Dake, VP of Client Services, will outline his key takeaways from his first-hand experience with building ad operations for YuMe from the ground up. Breeze will introduce online video and share tips on how publishers can target, organize, and sell their content in order to capitalize on high-potential revenue opportunities in this emerging landscape.


About the Speaker

AdMonsters  Yume Sponsor Breeze DakeBreeze Dake
VP of Client Services

Breeze Dake brings over 9 years of experience in online video advertising and technology to his role as the head of client services and ad operations at YuMe. Prior to joining YuMe, Breeze was Senior Account Director at Atlas, where he was responsible for managing relationships with agency and direct marketers who were utilizing the third party ad serving technology. Before joining Atlas, Breeze worked at Digital Impact where he was responsible for designing and managing client’s digital marketing strategies across multiple media channels including email, websites, search engines, and direct mail. Earlier in his career, Breeze was an investment banker at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse First Boston where he worked on mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, and leverage buyouts.
Breeze holds a BA, cum laude, from Harvard College.