RUBY Sponsor Session: AdMeld – Turning Data into Revenue

August 17, 2010—1:45 pm



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AdMeld AdMonsters Sponsor

Yield Optimization for Premium Publishers

AdMeld helps the world’s top publishers maximize their ad revenues and sell every impression smarter, safer, and on their own terms.


About the Session

Between an array of 3rd party providers, your own audience data, and the stream of bids coming through RTB, it’s clear the data deluge is upon us. Managing it all is hard, but the real trick is converting it into revenue—and for the first time, ad ops leaders have the tools to make that happen. In this session, we’ll discuss the art and science of using data to the identify revenue opportunities sitting right under your nose.


About the Speaker

AdMonsters AdMeld Ruby SponsorBen Barokas
Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

Ben oversees the company’s worldwide sales and operations efforts. Prior to founding AdMeld, Ben was Vice President of Advertising for JumpTV. He also spent 6 years at AOL in a variety of online advertising leadership positions including senior manager on the team that developed and launched the AOL video platform. Ben serves on the IAB’s Networks and Exchanges Committee and is a regular industry speaker on monetization strategies for premium online publishers, yield optimization, data, and Real Time Bidding (RTB).