RTB Takes Center Stage

April 19, 2012—5:10 pm

About the Session


As mobile advertising matures and accelerates, buyers and sellers are increasingly valuing—and demanding—greater levels of transparency, a rich set of business controls and levers, and the ability to target and decision in real-time.  These requirements place RTB front and center as the strategic foundation of mobile advertising. RTB delivers real-time decisioning capabilities and unmatched targeting value to buyers. At the same time, it creates both liquidity and enhanced value for publishers, particularly those leveraging first-party targeting data.  RTB, the foundation for public and private exchanges, is poised to become the dominant technology in mobile advertising—both a strategic complement to direct sales and as a complete market for buyers and sellers. 


Victor Miligan

Chief Marketing Officer




Victor Milligan joins Nexage from Martin Dawes Analytics (MDA) where he served as Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing Officer and led strategy, marketing, partner development, product management, and business development. Victor successfully repositioned MDA into the high-growth analytic market, driving growth in the communications and media markets, leading entry in the Utility/Smart Grid market, and winning the first global OEM agreement. Prior to MDA, Victor was a Senior Managing Partner at Gartner Consulting, leading their global industries practice.