RTB is not just data

July 07, 2011—2:10 pm


Introducing Guido Pfister

Lee Baker, Director at AOP 

Lee has over 13 years experience in press, broadcast, online and direct marketing in UK and European roles. Before heading up AOP, he was Commercial Director at Microsoft Advertiser & Publisher Solutions, leading internal teams across Microsoft, responsible for local, regional and global media publisher partnerships. Prior to Microsoft, Lee was at Bertelsmann digital business, Lycos, where he worked for 5 years in a number of digital media roles, most recently as Business Development Director Europe UK, leading European client partnerships with digital businesses such as Yahoo!, MIVA and Ask. Twitter Handle: @BakerLJ


About the Session

When you read about RTB, no matter where, it’s always connected to Data, audience buying, etc. But truth is, that RTB delivery much more than just audience buying (e.g. transparency, efficiency, control), and I would like to show why buying in realtime in an auction is a huge advantage for every media buy and why both advertisers and publishers benefit from it.


About the Speaker

Guido PfisterGuido Pfister
Co-founder/CTO, MexAd

Guido Pfister has over a decade experience in the adserving industrie. After studying Computer Science at University of Bonn, he started as Head of Operations at Active Agent (now AdLink in Switzerland and Austria) in 2001, in 2003 Guido spent 5 years as Head of Adoperations at Oridian (now Ybrant Digital). Guido is the first European working with Ad Exchange-Technologies since 2005. In 2008 Guido founded mexad. With offices in UK, Germany, France, Italy and Austria, mexad is the first pan-european Agency specialized on auction based bid management in Ad Exchange and Yield-Management Technologies.