Real Time Bidding at the Speed of Light

April 14, 2011—3:30 pm


About the Session

Real time bidding at the speed of light

RTB is making the way media is traded much more dynamic as RTB allows a more exact optimum value to the impressions that is based on supply and demand. The session will evaluate the development RTB has had on buying and selling media from an agency perspective.



About the Speaker

Brian Fitzpatrick
Managing Director, the MIG UK (Media Innovations Group)


Brian Fitzpatrick is Managing Director of the Media Innovation Group in the UK, a WPP Company. He is responsible for the development of the UK business and introducing the technology and media products developed by the Media Innovation Group.

The Media Innovation Group (MIG) develops technology products that improve the process of acquiring, optimising, and measuring digital media. In close partnership with GroupM, the MIG uses its proprietary technology and strategic partnerships to dramatically increase the performance of digital advertising. B3, the MIG’s digital advertising optimisation product, is the leading agency tool for acquiring and optimising display advertising. ZAP, the MIG’s integrated advertising and analytics tool, gives advertisers unprecedented visibility into the performance of digital advertising campaigns. With offices in New York and London, the MIG operates across North America and Europe.
Prior to his current role, Brian was Managing Director of the Media division of 24/7 Real Media in the UK. He has over 10 years of experience in online Media, advertising and technology. Brian studied Software Engineering at Thames Valley University before joining Mediacom in 1997.