PubMatic Sponsor Session: The Blurring Lines Between Direct & Indirect Sales

October 06, 2011—6:00 pm

Session is sponsored by PubMatic 


PubMatic’s ad monetization and management solution combines impression-level ad auction technology, the most comprehensive brand protection tools, and enterprise ad operations support to give the Web’s premium publishers the most control over their revenue and brand. 


About the Session


Publishers are often faced with a revenue gap between direct and indirect sales. Data can help to make informed decisions on how to close the gap, however the data is only as valuable as the insights and understandings.  This session will shed light on how publishers can have a successful multi-channel sales strategy leveraging data.  Publishers do not need to go blind anymore, transparency and insights will help them make informed decisions. Join Michelle Vuksic as she explores how to find the patterns within the data deluge that will enable publishers to sell advertising more intelligently, developing one holistic sales strategy.

About the Speaker 

Michelle Vuksic
Engagement Manager, PubMatic


Michelle studied at the University of California, Berkeley and came to PubMatic from BlueLithium/Yahoo! She leads PubMatic’s Publisher Consulting & Solutions group as the Engagement Manager and is focused on publisher consulting, onboarding new publishers, private marketplace consulting & implementation and mobile operations.